As a rescue kitty, Bennett and his brother had a real hard start to life.  When they first came into care we lost his brother due to congenital deformity but little Bennett (Benny Bat) was a fighter and grew into a very loving sweet but highly energetic kitten that just loved his people. 

All was going well until Benny Bat was desexed, after his surgery he became lethargic and wasn’t interested in playing or getting up to his normal chaotic antics.  Then he started having seizures, got a wobbly walk, his eyes went funny and he was so sad. 

His FIP journey has been a bit rocky and there was a few setbacks along the way but now he’s passed his observation with flying colours and is back to his normal hectic loving, playful self and is ready to find his special furever home. 

A huge thanks to FIP Cats Australia for supporting us through his treatment.  He is just the sweetest little guy.