The FIP survival story of Boda, a seal mink Sphynx

One Wednesday evening at 7.30pm when Boda was 5 months of age I suddenly saw him struggling to breath. When I fed him at 5pm he was fine. I took a video of him and sent it through to my vet. He called me and said get into the car and I will meet you at the clinic.

We did the one and a half hour drive in record time. Dr Adrian was there and he immediately took him through for an ultrasound, chest X-ray and said he had fluid in his chest cavity and around his heart.

He immediately gave him a local and put in a chest drain. Then he pulled out over a cup of straw coloured fluid……FIP?

My mind went in to overdrive. The only treatment was black market but that did not stop me. We immediately started Boda on GS injectable. His improvement was immediate and we completed the 84 days with no issues. He was so good taking his daily injections.

Observation came and went and Boda never blinked an eyelid. He went from 1.6kg at diagnosis to 3.9kg on completion of treatment. He is now over 5 kg and a very healthy muscular boy who,loves playing on his wheel. I have never regretted treating him and it is a delight to see him so happy and healthy.

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