Friday the 13th 2019. The day we heard the words we didn’t want to hear. Buddy has dry FIP.

Buddy was 3 years old and weighed only 2.9kg and had just been handed a death sentence, or so we thought. He had stopped eating and was too weak to stand.

On the Saturday, we were taking him in to say goodbye when we were lucky enough to find out there was a treatment. So for the next 84 days we gave daily injections and watched as Buddy started to eat, became more energetic and finally gained some weight. The 84 days were hard, I’d never given a shot before, but every tear was worth it to have him alive and well. Buddy was the first cat in WA to be cured!

2 years later and Buddy is a fit, healthy boy, now weighing in at 6kg and he has the energy to take on the world.

Buddy is who our Buddy Survivor Packs are named after.