Executive Comittee:

President. Angela Irvine president@fipcatsaustralia.org.au

Secretary; Corinne O’Connell secretary@fipcatsaustralia.org.au

Treasurer; Brenda Anne Kendall treasurer@fipcatsaustralia.org.au

Senior Vice President; Adele Austin

Junior Vice President; Camilla Owen

West Coast Coordinator; Naja Lind Cunningham

Australian Asian Community Committee Officer:

Mentors: These people can be there to help you with support and guidance. They know about the treatment options and can help guide you through treatment. They will not judge if you decide not to treat but still help you with palliative care and the grief process. Please be advised that if there are no mentors in your state, we will have another mentor provide you support.

For support, please email secretary@fipcatsaustralia.org.au or find us on Facebook- FIP Cats Australia 1.0

WA: Angela Irvine, Naja Lind Cunningham, Camilla Owen

SA : Amy Colquhoun



QLD : Kelly Haran, Tina Obaldiston

NSW: Julie Housego

VIC: Adele Austin, Ris Robins, Maxine Pekin (Lisa Kenyon)