Eli was diagnosed with wet FIP in September 2020 at age 14 months.

Eli had started to have runny poos and was no longer using his litter box for poos, he would constantly go on the bathroom rug or towels left on the floor. Other than his runny poos, the only other symptom was he was lethargic and sleeping more. When taken to the first vet he was diagnosed with have a intestinal infection from “something he ate”. The vet kept him in hospital for 3 days attached to a drip & antibiotics.  After coming home his symptoms improved for a few days, then he started to have his runny poos again. At this stage his owner seeked a new vets assistance Dr Adrian Burstein and it was decided that they would try diet changes to a prescription diet to see if that had any effect.

A couple of months later, he has lost weight but had a pot belly appareance, his nature was otherwise fine until one weekend where his breathing became shallow and fast. On the Monday he was taken to Dr Adrian Burstein who automatically thought it was FIP related and did bloods and ultrasounds which confirmed his thoughts of wet FIP. Due to Eli’s breathing he required to have his cavity drained and a feeding tube put in place to assist him with gaining weight back as he was in such a poor state (1.25kg). He was immediately started on GS for wet FIP that is owner was able to accquire. Within days there was a positive effect and Eli started to become himself again. Eli completed the 84 days of GS injections & 84 days of observation and has been FIP free since early 2021.  He is now 2 years old and you wouldn’t even know that at one stage in his young life he was extremely sick.