Let’s get tough on Myths

There is so much misinformation out there on FIP and people become so confused so let’s get tough on these.

Can a cat/kitten transmit FIP to me?
NO…it is not transmissible to humans or other pets

Can a human with Covid give their cat/kitten Corona Virus/ FIP?
NO….there is no evidence to suggest this is the case.

Should my FIP baby be isolated from other pets?
NO…it is not transmissible

Does an FIP diagnosed cat/kitten have to be euthanised?
NO…there are affordable treatments

What is the biggest cause of FIP or the Corona virus mutating in to FIP
Biggest cause of FIP is stress, whether it be vaccinated too young, desexed too young, stress in the house or stress with changing homes.

Is there information and support for me?
YES… you will find it on this website

Do you have people in my State to help me?
YES..we do. We have State Committee members in each state to help and support you.

Do parents of an FIP baby have to be desexed?
NO….there is no evidence or documentation to say it is genetic

Does a breeder of an FIP baby have to close down their Cattery?
NO….this information is very outdated.

Who can treat an FIP positive cat/kitten? Can my vet do it?
YES….however best to go to an FIP treating vet located on our website.

Does FIP only affect kittens?
NO….more common in kittens, cats around seven years of age and senior cats.

Is there anything I can do to avoid FIP?
YES….. keep your cat/kitten as stress free as possible

Can my FIP kitten be desexed?
YES…preferably during last two weeks of treatment. Be guided by your treating vet.

Is FIP a sign that the breeder has not looked after her kittens?
NO….FIP can mutate in any kitten at any time.

Is FIP a sign of poor breeding?
NO…definitely not. FIP can mutate at anytime.

If my kitten/cat tests positive to Corona Virus will it mutate in to FIP?
NO…..the majority of cats/kittens will test positive to Corona Virus however less than 5% will mutate in to FIP.

Can my cat/ kitten get FIP more than once?
UNKOWN….research to date says NO.

Can my pedigree kitten be kept for breeding if it has been treated for FIP and is cured?
UNKNOWN…as treatment is so new no records have yet been kept regarding breeding from an FIP cured kitten.

Is FIP a dirty word that should not be mentioned?
NO….we need to spread the word that FIP is treatable and support is available

Do I have the right to change vets if need be?
YES…absolutely. You need an FIP treating vet and a list is available on this website.

Will Pet Health Insurance cover the cost of FIP treatment?
Yes….most do however a good conversation to have with your insurer at the time of taking out a policy. We have a list of Insurers who cover FIP on this website.

Do not hesitate to contact one of our Committee members who can put you in touch with someone of you have any further questions.