From our President, Angela IrvineThe Story of Freddie, the Abandoned CatEarlier this Freddie ( as he is now known) was left to be euthanased at the vet after a diagnosis of Combo Dry/Ocular FIP.

The vet contacted me to see what could be done. He was signed over to me, and I started treatment.

This boy went from a feral wild cat to the most loving cat ever. Every morning and night, he took his meds.

I put him in a large 3×1.5 metre pen, and in no time at all, he started to explore his surroundings surroundings. It soon became evident he had no sight or very little. If I put his food plate in a different place, he could not find it. His world became a mix of sounds and vibrations. His hearing is excellent. Now, after treatment, he is cured.

However, his eyes have been badly affected.

Due to this and the fact he knows his surroundings, he could not be rehomed, so Freddie will stay with us now and live out his life here.