How do I feed my FIP Baby?

This is a question asked all the time and can be the difference between success and failure.

A cat/kittens body needs a lot of nourishment during the treatment of FIP as there is so much for the body to repair. Without this they cannot beat this disease.

I will list the foods that you should consider

HILLS AD DIET in cans- this is a high protein food that can be syringed in to the mouths of cats/kittens that refuse to eat on their own. It is a highly palatable food and a little water can be added to boost the cats fluid levels. Only available at vet clinics

ROYAL CANIN RECOVERY DIET-this is very similar to AD and can be used the same way and again only available at vet clinics. Remember to add some baby probiotics to at least one meal a day

ROYAL CANIN BABY MOUSSE TRAYS- once your baby is interested in food this is the next step. Again can be syringed if necessary. Available in most pet stores

CORE KITTEN FOOD IN CANS- Core make an excellent range of smooth pate for kittens in cans that is extremely palatable to cats especially the fish one as it is high in smell. Again available from good pet shops.

DRY FOOD- once your baby is eating and looking for dry food consider giving them Royal Canin Baby Cat biscuits because they are small, can be rehydrated by putting hot water over them and extremely high in protein. Feeding is all about what your cat/kitten will eat. These are suggestions only but remember the importance of food. If your cat is eating consider making the change to kitten food as it’s protein levels are higher. Often feeding is a hit and miss situation but do not be discouraged. Our State Reps are here to help you if need be. Please do not sit on an issue with feeding. As feeding is the lifeline to your baby,s well-being it must be done so reach out for help if required.

Author: Angela Irvine