22.02.2012 – 29.09.2020

Lumiere originally came to Lyn and her family as a foster for 2 weeks while her friend was on a business trip back in 2014. Lumiere won their hearts with her quiet, gentle presence, sheer elegance, beauty and quirky little ways.

Lumiere loved nothing more than sleeping on Lyn and her husbands bed in the sun or a brief stint outside to have a roll in the grass.

Unfortunately there was no outward signs that Lumiere was sick until it was too late, they started treatment but at the stage poor Lumiere was unable to fight any longer and sadly lost her battle with FIP. She is sorely missed but her family look back at the time they had with her fondly between hello and goodbye because there was so much love there.

NOTE: The vials left over from Lumiere went towards saving Eli’s life. A very special thing for a family to donate to someone else.