Lumos was abandoned in the snow on Christmas Eve and only a few years after finding his forever home, he became immensely ill in 2020.

He rapidly lost weight, stopped eating and drinking, ran high fevers, developed abdominal fluid, and after weeks of no answers, he was diagnosed with FIP.

It seemed hopeless given the condition he was in yet within days of starting treatment Lumos began improving: his appetite returned, the fluid slowly dissipated, and the light returned to his eyes.

Through it all there were some incredibly hard days but with international support, Lumos completed 84 days of treatment with astounding results. It has now been over a year since his diagnosis, Lumos is now considered cured and is healthier than he has ever been.

He is 16lbs of happiness with perfect labs, he spends his days birdwatching, spying on the neighbors, and playing with his kitty crew. When he was first diagnosed, I never would imagine the incredible days that were yet to come. Lumos is a beacon of hope, a reminder that the best things are worth fighting for, and that there is light to be found even in the deepest darkness.