Meet Milly the beautiful British shorthair kitten who has absolutely conquered FIP. Late March this year, Millys owner Sandra had noticed that her tiny kitten was uninterested in playing anymore and would rather spend all of her time sleeping. These symptoms were concerning to Sandra but it when she noticed Millys walk was wobbly that she knew something was definitely not right. Sandra took Milly in to the vets where her blood results came back showing a high WBC count, anaemia and a low albumin and globulin ratio. It was then she was given the awful diagnosis that Milly had FIP.  

Sandra acted immediately and she was able to have Milly started on molnupiravir capsules, however less than 24 hours after her first dosage Milly had suffered a terrible seizure. Milly was rushed to the emergency clinic and was hospitalised on IV remdisivir for 6 days until she was safe enough to return home. Sandra then began Milly on combination treatment of GS tablets and molnupiravir capsules for the next 84 days… 

After being hospitalised Milly was like a completely different cat..she no longer struggled to walk and she had a new side to her that Sandra wasn’t even aware existed She was now super playful and cheeky And loved to eat!The next 84 days where full of ups and downs, Milly had suffered from multiple impacted bowels which required surgery’s to remove and she was put on a strict diet and further medications to avoid any further complications with her bowels. 

As of Sunday, Milly has successfully completed her full treatment for FIP and is now safe to move into her observation period. Milly started her journey only 1.1 kilos and now weighs 2.7 kilos thanks to Sandra’s morning scrambled egg breakfasts with Milly and of course completing her treatment like a boss😊If it wasn’t for Sandra’s complete dedication and unconditional love for Milly she would not be the healthy, thriving and most importantly alive kitten she is today. Congratulations to Milly and Sandra for totally conquering this disease 💜💜