🌈We hate it when it happens, but we refuse to forget them🌈

Little Muffin passed away overnight on Sunday night/Monday morning. He was admitted to a vet hospital on Thursday last week for fluids and was up and down. They felt he had caught Calicivirus which we have had in the house before, through fostering.

By Saturday, we thought he was past the worst of it, having recovered from extremely low body temperature and hypoglycaemia the day before. He was bright, sitting up and lunged at me for a cuddle.

Sunday was very different and he was again unable to maintain his body temperature and had low potassium. I stopped off to see him on Monday morning before I had to head into work for a couple of hours, and he was gone.

We are all devastated with his loss. I can’t thank everyone here enough for the support and donations that were sent through for his treatment costs.

Adele and Tina are both superstars who went above and beyond to help me obtain medication and provide lots of valuable knowledge. I know it’s not easy from the other side as well – providing support and help, only to have it not go to plan.

You are all doing such a wonderful thing and I’m very grateful to you all for trying to help Muffin. ❤️

Kind regards,Gillian.