Symptomatic Treatment

For owners that choose not to treat their cat/kitten with REM or GS their option is to provide Symptomatic treatment as prescribed by their vet.

This normally entails a low to moderate dosage of prednisilone starting at 2 mg/kg orally once a day for two weeks and then reducing to .5/1mg per kg ongoing. A diet high in animal protein like cooked chicken, turkey or rabbit mixed with their favourite commercial cat food will help together with lots of love and care is the most beneficial way you can help your baby. This type of care ultimately depends on a cats own immune system to kick in and help fight the virus and healing process.

Removing the fluid build up In Symptomatic cats can be of benefit and should be discussed with your vet or an FIP treating vet who will have more knowledge about this.

We still do not understand the effects of non steroidal drugs in the treatment of FIP however some good information has come out of South Africa using a product called Thorns Moducare, tablet form. This may be an option you would like to investigate.

Homeopathic treatments for FIP are basically dilute tinctures of various plants. If you choose to go down this path you can try Hampl who are registered homeopathic suppliers or Naturalpaws. Both have websites where you can read up and make the decision as to whether this is something you would like to try.

There are many articles on the wide world web if you want to google and do your research. At the end of the day the decision lies with the pet owner and what they think would be best for their baby.

Always remember you, the owner, are in control of your cats health and life not your vet so don’t be persuaded by a vet to euthanise because it is easier. We have had cats live 3/4 years on palliative care.

We have listed some websites for you to investigate however these are just for your information and we neither promote them or decline them. The decision is yours to make but remember we are here for support right to the end.

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