We are a registered charity, a not for profit incorporated entirely supported purely by its volunteers. We have state representatives in each state in Australia.

FIP Cats Australia was formed from a dream of our President and founding Director, Angela Irvine of Ragspy Sphynx & Ragdolls; to end the needless suffering of cats diagnosed with FIP.

Angela Irvine is an all breeds cat judge who is often called upon by other breeders and cat lovers in order to try and get help and guidance with this insidious disease. Angela is always researching and talking to many professionals in the vet world on new treatment policies and procedures.

Sadly, Angela has experience with the devastation of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (aka FIP)

In late 2021 FIP Cats Australia was formed, to prevent and relieve the suffering of cats through education of cat owners, breeders, animal rescue organisations and those in the veterinary industry of available treatment options, provide moral and hands-on assistance by experienced mentors, establish & maintain relationships with vets and researchers and provide research such as scientific research data to the veterinary industry to assist in maintaining the current knowledge of FIP.

FIP Cats Australia is operated 100% by our team of volunteers.

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