Rainbow Bridge Memorals

Remembering all those little ones who fought hard and lost their battle.

  • Kevin


    Kevin came to us a beautiful happy kitten, we picked him up from the airport and he was instantly happy to see us, purring like a tractor! He fit right in at home with our frenchie and coolie dogs, loving to play and cuddle with them. He was such a friendly cat and always wanted…


Haku, a beautiful British Blue kitten, was only 14 weeks old when diagnosed with wet FIP. ( later revised to wet/ neuro combination). After receiving no support from two local vet clinics, his owners, Sharon & Jo ,were fortunate to find a clinic close by with Remdesivir on hand. Haku was hospitalised for 4 nights & his condition stabilised & started to improve. He went home & continued treatment with 2 doses of subcutaneous Remdesivir followed by GS & Molnupiravir combination therapy.His condition continued to improve – he was eating well, playing & the abdominal distension reduced greatly. On February 19th, Sharon awoke to find that Haku had passed away suddenly overnight of what we suspect to be sudden heart failure. They were heartbroken but very grateful for the extra 16 days of life Haku had, during which they bonded very closely with him & enjoyed his antics & unconditional love so much. RIP little Haku, FIP Warrior.

March 4, 2023