Taio is cured of FIP ???

She had neural and ocular dry FIP and maybe it was in her lungs as well. She stopped eating and went down to 2.1kg, her eyes were different colours, the eyelid was partially visible and her back legs stopped working completely. At one point it was so hard for her to breathe that I wasn’t sure she was going to make it through the night.

What an amazing feeling to know that this long, hard journey is over. From finding out that Taio had a fatal disease and being offered euthanasia as an only option to finding out about the treatment that a lot of vets have never heard of was an emotional roller coaster.  It has been a 6 month journey that required lots of money and a diligence to making sure she had her medication every day at the same time.  It was an ordeal for her that made her not trust me any more and it has taken another 3 months of patience to have her come and sit with me and have snuggles again. 

I have posted some photos showing how she was then and then some more photos of how she is now. She is 4.1kgs. It seems that everything has gone back to normal. She play fights hard with her mate and par cours all over the furniture, she eats well and she is smiling again. 

I am so grateful to every person who helped and supported me along the way. Shout outs to Angela Irvine, Louise Warren, Katrina Handford, Lisa Rhyne, Christine Swan, Toni Adler, and all the people who assisted by donating to Taio’s GoFundMe. The biggest shout out to my daughters Maya Chrisopoulos and Lani Chrisopoulos. Lani lived this journey with me every day assisting me to administer the pills to Taio while I wrapped her in a blanket like a little burrito baby. 

To anyone at the start of the FIP journey I just want you to know it is worth it. There are a lot of us who have been through it that can support you.