In May 2023, Teddys owner Rhiannon was after help for her 2 year old cat who she had taken to the vet after she had noticed he seemed quite unwell.

Teddy had lost weight, wouldn’t eat or drink much water, was lethargic and he was drooling from nausea. After a vet visit they noticed fluid surrounding his lungs and further blood testing showed results that are typical for wet FIP.

After FIPCA reached out to Rhiannon to assist her in this diagnosis, teddys vet started him on Remdisivir injections and he then moved on to molnupiravir capsules. To help with Teddys recovery, he required surgery to fit a feeding tube into his neck so he could be fed that way.

After 84 days of treatment Teddy was back to his normal self and owner Rhiannon could not be happier. Teddy is still going strong to this day and is happier and healthier than ever.

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