The following are a list of businesses and individuals who have helped us in our mission.

Ron Pia of

Chris Winchester of

Fresh Promotions

Many cat associations regularly hold local raffles and donate to our cause. Here is a list of Clubs and Donations:

South Australian Cat Breeders Association. $130

Adelaide Cat Club: $100

Governing Council of the Cat Fancy South Australia: $80

ANCATS AUSTRALIA – We thank you for your ongoing support, allowing us to be present at their shows to help us spread the word about FIP and FIP Cats Australia.

Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Aust & Vic Inc -$500.00

Marcellus Loh – SBS cats

Sandra Melrose, for her beautiful crochet blankets she makes to supply in our Buddy Survival Packs ❤️.

Shannon & Cameron Prentice, for their $500.00 donation.

Naomi Hopgood, for her beautiful crochet blankets she supplies for our Buddy Survival Packs ❤️.

The Cat Palace, Roseville NSW, for the donation of life saving anti-virals towards some of our cases we have mentored.

EAC Animal Care, for the donation of 40 x 40G packs of in-sideout Cat Formula – Pre & Probiotic Nutraceutical Supplement For Cats