So why FIP Cats Australia?

I sold two Sphynx babies to a lovely family here in Perth. They were nine months old when Zeke, the male suddenly became unwell. Our vet could not find any reason for his sickness however he was losing weight and refused to eat. Many tests were done and all showed nothing. After days of soul searching our vet, Zeke’s owner and myself all agreed that as he was sliding downhill fast surgery may show something. This was done and he did have lesions on one of his lungs so they were cut out. Zeke went home and we all knew his time with us was short but he was showered with love. Finally the day came when he left us but what none of us knew that evening was the legacy he would leave behind. This was October 2019.

Neither my vet nor myself had a positive answer for Zeke,s owner but I had this gut feeling it was FIP. I started doing mountains of research and the more I found out the more I was convinced Zeke had dry FIP. This lead me to Professor Neils Pederson of the US Davis University in the USA and from him I found out about a black market treatment that he had used with great success to treat FIP. I wanted this treatment.

I hunted high and low and found someone in Victoria who had a contact who knew about this. One thing led to another and finally I had my hands on two vials of GS. Two days after they arrived I heard of a lady whose cat had just been diagnosed with dry FIP here in Perth. I contacted her and her boy Buddy became the first cat in WA not only to be treated for FIP but survived. Today Buddy is still enjoying a wonderful life. Whilst Zeke,s life was cut short, he has left such a legacy behind. We would never be where we are today if it was not for Zeke. Every FIP survivor has Zeke to thank for becoming an FIP survivor.

My interest in FIP just grew and grew after the loss of Zeke and this has led to the researching and writing of FIP papers, support for other FIP families and then the biggest challenge ever……..with the help of others who have my passion, FIP Cats Australia was born.

Zeke, if only you knew what a legacy you have left. RIP our beautiful boy.

Zeke was born on 2 December 2018 ! He was put to rest on the 6th November 2019 .he was 11 months old ?He first became ill around the end of September 2019 his lung was removed on the 21 st October . Some facts about Zeke ! He grew very quickly was a big boy by the age of 6 months . Extremely affectionate cat very loving and gentle .