Congratulations on joining FIP Cats Australia on our journey to end the needless suffering of cats and kittens diagnosed with Feline Infectious Peritonitis(FIP). Below are FIP Cats Australia’s Policies and Procedures to assist you throughout your journey volunteering with us.

Please make yourself familiar with the policies and procedures listed below. Should you have any questions or queries relating to the policies and procedures listed below, please contact our secretary,

Buddy Survival Pack Documents

Below are the documents that get emailed to the client when sending out a Buddy Survival Pack. To save costs, we have implemented emailing the Buddy Survival Pack documents, rather than print. Not to mention, it helps the environment using less paper.

Upon receiving the case, you must complete the following form:

Documents to be sent for Buddy Survival Packs. (Note: unless dealing with a rescue, do not send ‘rescue’ document.)