Why Have Pet Health Insurance?

Treating a cat or kitten with Feline Infectious Peritonitis(FIP) can be very expensive as treatment goes by the weight of the animal. The treatment guidelines are as follows however please remember every cat/ kitten is different as are the types of FIP.

Stage one: This is normally the diagnosis of FIP by your normal vet. Diagnosis is normally done by blood tests, ultrasound and/or X-ray. ( please do not allow your vet to do unnecessary treatments for diagnosis like surgery etc) Once you have diagnosis ideally your vet will give you your options and put you in touch with your closest FIP treating vet. ( these can also be found on our website) Cost wise this can be anything from $250/1000. Pet Health Insurance will pay for this minus any excess ( normally $150)

Stage two: This involves a visit to an FIP treating vet ( if your vet is not one of these). They will go over your options and start treatment. Normally at this stage it will result in a three day stay at the vet and then home with treatment. This can be around $2000. Pet health insurance will cover all of this as you have already paid your initial excess. Treatment is for 84 days with blood tests at day 42. Cost around $250 for blood tests and treatment can be anywhere from $3000 to $12,000 dependant on weight. Pet Health Insurance will cover this

Stage three: At the end of 84 days further blood tests will be required before you start 84 days of observation. Again cost around $250 As you can see from this treatment is not cheap however if your cat/kitten is pet health insured you will only be out of pocket the amount of your excess. (We do have a more detailed timeline of treatment on our website.)

Breeders: It is vital you put in place the six week cover that Petcover offer breeders or there are other companies now doing the same. At least then owners will be contacted to see if they would like to continue the cover. Some breeders go as far as stipulating that unless you have continued Pet Health Insurance they will not offer to help and/or support you and some even put it in their Contract of Sale. If your breeder has not done this please arrange insurance asap. Any veterinarian work is not cheap however with Pet Health Insurance you have that peace of mind knowing you will be covered.

FIP treatment is not cheap and for so many totally out of reach. If you have Pet Health Insurance it will mean that this is something else you will not have to worry about. Pet Health Insurance is a MUST.